Digitize your menu with e-menu to improve engagement

Display your menu digitally with e-menu

Engage your customer with a digital menu in e-menu. Eco-friendly and fast in changing menu and of course, cost effective.
This digital product is suitable for:

  • Any food and beverage businesses.
  • Any eco-friendly businesses.
  • Any businesses that wanted to engage customers more.

Hand-crafted features

These are our best selected features and we hand-crafted all these features into the best e-menu.


All our digital product are hand-crafted, not using any kind of templates or builders.


This is one of our free digital product. We offer it free in mission to digitize the world.

Fast Setup

We only need maximum 3 days to setup your product and make it known to the world.

Guaranteed Support

We guarantee our support team will reply to any inquiries / issues within 24 hours.


Adding more features in the future can be done because we hand-crafted our digital products.

All in Basic

For those who want no hassle, this digital product already has all basic features.

Pricing Plans

Browse the best plan for your business.

per year


An all-rounder free e-menu for all.

  • Lifetime free license
  • 95% Uptime Guarantee
  • 95% Bug-free Guarantee
  • Responsive Support Team
  • Modern Control Panel

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Frequently Asked Questions

As one of our mission is to digitize the world, we are offering some of our digital product for free.

You can either use your own domain name or buy a new one from us. We will help you to buy domain name for US $ 10 / year for .com domain. For hosting, our digital product is hosted in our server around the world.

Unfortunately no. Our digital products are hosted in our server to avoid being copied by other parties.

The hosting fees are as low as US $ 2 / month and must be paid annually. You will get a 1 GB storage to store your data or images. It cost US $ 2 / month for additional 1 GB of storage and can be requested anytime.

Private Link has a special hosting promotion and cost only US $ 1 / month for 200 MB.

Usually it takes no more than 2 - 3 days to setup your digital product. But in some occasion, it will takes more than 3 days to finish your setup depending on orders queue. We will do our best to quickly finish the setup.

More information for our digital products:

  • This digital product is free forever with no terms and conditions.
  • We provide some free basic design for our digital products, some product may only have one design and we will add more in the future. We do this to speed things up. We provide services to change the design with additional cost.
  • We manage the server to ease things up when things go wrong.
  • We guarantee uptime and issue-free up to 95%. But things sometimes don't go as expected. We provide a monthly maintenance fee for as low as US$ 15 / month and paid every 3 months. For all new clients, we offer a discounted maintenance fee for US$ 7 / month for the first 3 months.
  • We also provide a maintenance by request service for clients that don't have monthly maintenance. This service cost start from as low as US$ 100 to US$ 500 per request.
  • Maintenance that we provide are limited to server maintenance and bug fixing.
  • We host our digital product in servers around the world to ensure the fastest response. We choose the nearest server location for your business, e.g. if your business is in Singapore, then we will use Singapore's server to host your digital product.
  • All our digital products are hand-crafted to be upgraded in the future. Any kind of new features or integrations are possible to be added into our digital product. If you have some idea in the future, you can contact us for customize services.
  • We accept online payment using Paypal. For clients in Indonesia, we offer a bank transfer method.