Customize Software

A hand-crafted customize software to solve any kind of business problem

The best digital services for any kind of business problem

Nowadays there are a lot of business that start to adopt technology into their business process. This has impacted a lot into their revenue stream and efficiency.

Adopting technology into business comes from a business problem that need some solution that can be solve by using software or hardware.

Customize software is one of the digital solution offered to solve any kind of business problem, in mind to improve efficiency in business.

This digital service is suitable for:

  • Any kind of business.
  • Business has some problems and need technology to solve it.
  • Business that wanted to improve efficiency.
  • Business that wanted to increase revenue stream.
  • Business that wanted to win from its competitor.

Hand-crafted features

These are our best selected features and we hand-crafted all these features into the best customize software.


All our digital services are hand-crafted, not using any kind of templates or builders.


Any kind of requirements can be discussed and crafted to solve the business problem.


Adding more features in the future can be done because we hand-crafted our digital services.


Customize software crafted from our services are considering the different platform that users may use.

Guaranteed Support

We guarantee our support team will reply to any inquiries / issues within 24 hours.

Guaranteed Maintenance

We specially prepared a maintenance team to support all digital services issues.

Pricing Plans

Browse the best plan for your business.



Suitable for your business problems or improvements.

  • Budget from US$ 2,000 - US$ 10,000
  • Duration from 2 to 4 months
  • Free 1 month maintenance
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Suitable for enterprise with high complexity scope.

  • Budget more than US$ 50,000
  • Duration more than 12 months
  • Free 6 months maintenance
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How to start?

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Prepare your problem in a simple draft and supporting data if needed.


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Frequently Asked Questions

As one of our main ethics in software development, client's problem and data are not allowed to be shared with other parties. Digitara will keep secret of all discussion made with clients.

Customize software costs consist of several components such as consultation fee, development cost, procurement, and other costs that will be different for different business. Roughly, our clients will have to allocate budget from US$ 2,000 to US$ 100,000 for one customize software.

First, you need to contact and discuss with us. Then, give us some time to analyze and we will share the estimated total budget. Communication is critical in this service, so make sure you allocate some team to ease things up.

Immediately contact us through our support team that has been shared. The support team will be available for clients that took monthly maintenance. The issues will be solved as fast as possible within 24 hours.

It is not mandatory to subscribe our monthly maintenance fee, but we recommend it. In the long run, it will be more cost effective to have a monthly maintenance subscription. For clients that are not subscribing will be charged a fee start from US$ 250 to US$ 5,000 per issue depending on the level of issues.

Monthly maintenance fee will differ depending on the service's scope. The fee will be shared altogether in the project details and must be paid every 6 months.

More information for customize software:

  • Most of our projects will take around 2 to 12 months to finish. Some will take almost 24 months to finish. The duration solely depends on the complexity of the requirements and will be shared in the project detail.
  • We will deliver the software in each milestones that we have created starting from the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for projects with duration more than 6 months.
  • Discussions will mostly take place online.
  • Our monthly maintenance are limited to server maintenance and bug fixing.
  • If changes on software are requested in maintenance, then we will offer a new customize proposal.
  • All our digital services are hand-crafted. Any kind of new features or integrations are possible to be added into our digital services. If you have some idea in the future, you can contact us for customize software.
  • We accept online payment using Paypal. For clients in Indonesia, we offer a bank transfer method.